Birdlimes [noun]

Definition of Birdlimes:

gluing, binding material

Synonyms of Birdlimes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Birdlimes:


Sentence/Example of Birdlimes:

In effect both father and son became fast to the birdlime figure, when they were stung to death by ten thousand bees.

Yet this is that wherewith the world is taken, and runs mad to gaze on—clothes and titles, the birdlime of fools.

Such was Biddy Tibs; and, though possessed of no mean wealth, her avarice clung like birdlime to her.

The former consists of shavings from old documents, and the latter of birdlime for new converts.

It is the birdlime with which the devil catches many a female and male soul.

On the following morning we were early astir; and as soon as breakfast was over, we went regularly to work with the birdlime.

Meantime, the birdlime acted well: the pigeons alighting, stuck fast.

"Birdlime," made out of the viscid sap of certain trees, is occasionally used to capture small birds.

They found him in a lonely part of the forest preparing birdlime, and said to him, “What are you doing, Jhore?”

“This bagful, your lordship,” replied Peronnik, showing the cloth-bag which he had stuffed with feathers and birdlime.