Birds [noun]

Definition of Birds:

flying animal

Synonyms of Birds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Birds:


Sentence/Example of Birds:

He didn't need to wait—as the birds did—until an angleworm stuck his head above ground.

A far-off volley rumbled over the plain, and a few birds stirred uneasily among the trees.

The sun shone and the birds sang, and the day was beautiful without when she at last fell asleep again.

I asked whether he or the crew had seen any prodigious birds in the air about the time he first discovered me?

"They're great pink birds, without any feathers on 'em," replied the Hole-keeper, solemnly.

One baas was bigger than the other, and on his chest and on his body were pictures of birds, and beasts, and strange things.

Among many people in the East, no food is thought so great a dainty as these edible birds' nests.

The birds that build them swallow a certain kind of glutinous weed growing on the coral rocks.

Bright-coloured birds flew about among the bushes, but they had no songs for Alila and the hunter as they passed along.

Flocks of birds seemed to sing through the air, striking against the telegraph wires.