Biremes [noun]

Definition of Biremes:

a ship

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Sentence/Example of Biremes:

This is proved by another illustration of a bireme on the same vase, in which the steering oars are clearly seen.

This Greek bireme, with its shallow hull and lofty, open superstructure, could hardy have been a seaworthy vessel.

The large figures at the stern seem to point to the bireme of Fig. 74 being about to be used for racing purposes.

In Appendix, p. 157, will be found an account of an eighth-century Greek bireme, recently discovered.

As the bireme struck the high waves King Hiram advanced to the prow.

The ‘bireme,’ or two-banked vessel, does not appear in Homer.

The shrill notes were answered in exact pitch, like an echo, from a splendid bireme anchored near the mouth of the harbor.

Soon they tacked far to the north, and, rounding to the west, crossed the bows of the bireme of Herodotus.

A military boat called the "bireme" came into use in Greece about six or seven centuries before Christ.

It is probable that the Greeks did not originate the bireme, but borrowed the idea from the Phœnicians or possibly from Egypt.