Birr [noun]

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Forr iwhillc mann birr wepenn her, sikenn sare suhhhenn, Orm 7923.

An abbey was founded at Birr by St Brendan (d. 573), to whom the present parish church is dedicated.

Birr Castle itself is a noble mansion with reminiscences from the time of Cromwell.

St. Brendan of Birr, is to be carefully distinguished from his more celebrated namesake of Clonfert.

It returns two members to parliament, for the Birr and Tullamore divisions respectively.

The birr of the war drum saluted Sholto's ears ere he had turned the corner of the town parks.

The tube is suspended between two massive castellated walls, which form an imposing feature on the lawn at Birr Castle.

He never spoke to those he despised or disliked without "the birr."

Very faint at first were the birr of wheels and the tat-tat-tat of the horses' feet.

Grey spent three days in reducing the lands of Birr and Modreeny, the latter of which had to be taken by assault.