Birthday [noun]

Definition of Birthday:

date of birth

Synonyms of Birthday:

Opposite/Antonyms of Birthday:


Sentence/Example of Birthday:

This event is part of “Freddie for a Weekend” in celebration of Freddie Mercury of Queen’s birthday and ticket price includes guaranteed seating, soda and popcorn.

Happy hours have moved from the local pub to the couch on Hangouts, and porch dropoffs of wine and drive-by birthday celebrations are the new break room.

She also began sending bottles of champagne to employees who closed sales and deliverable baked-goods for staffers’ birthdays.

As a result, open star clusters rarely reach their billionth birthday.

It will be no more monotonous than having one's seventh birthday or falling in love for the first time.

He gave his cousin a silk dress, and he bought himself a set of books for his birthday; he was thirty-two.

Musical festival in Westminster abbey, in commemoration of the birthday of Handel.

A person becomes of age at the beginning of the day before his twenty-first birthday.

I had a good crying spell on my twenty-fifth birthday and Ive looked through clear eyes ever since.

Last night we celebrated Dubuques birthday, and I came back rather the worse for liquor.