Birthmarks [noun]

Definition of Birthmarks:

blemish one is born with

Synonyms of Birthmarks:

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Sentence/Example of Birthmarks:

And the papers of Braulinski of the old University of Warsaw on the fear trauma which he termed a birthmark of civilization.

Often this eccentricity bore all the marks of strength; perhaps it was actual exuberance of force, a birthmark of genius.

He was heavily built, with an undershot jaw and a patch of liverish birthmark on his cheek.

She gloried in the impact that felled the great brute with the liver patch on his cheek, which was like a birthmark of war.

Without hesitation I set down the bad as born to be foes not friends, and as bearing the birthmark of internecine hate.

Over the mother's face there spread a slow flush; the round, purple birthmark darkened.

On another the appearance of a blue birthmark appeared beside his eye and went back and up his temple.

And, Aylmer, spare me not, though you should find the birthmark take refuge in my heart at last.

It was a sensation in the fatal birthmark, not painful, but which induced a restlessness throughout her system.

At the mention of the birthmark, Georgiana, as usual, shrank as if a red-hot iron had touched her cheek.