Birthplace [noun]

Definition of Birthplace:

place of birth

Synonyms of Birthplace:

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Sentence/Example of Birthplace:

Wantage is a quiet town, lying at the foot of the hills, and is chiefly noted as the birthplace of the great Saxon king.

And, as to what is said about his birthplace, is there not already ill humour enough in Scotland?

The house he was to leave had been the birthplace of most of his children, and his home for more than forty years.

Dr Brentano is particularly desirous to make it clear that he considers England “the birthplace of Gilds.”

This place was named after Livingstone's birthplace, and was founded in 1876 by the Church of Scotland mission.

His birthplace was in the canton of Vallais, whence he had been brought over the mountains to where he now lived.

They have greeted with shouts the streams of Rita which were hidden at the birthplace of the god, at his seat.

It was no unusual thing for a person to spend his whole life without ever going so much as ten miles from his birthplace.

At the north end of the village the house still stands which tradition claims as our Bradford's birthplace.

Here, in the green woods and fresh pastures of his birthplace, he trained himself.