Bis [adverb]

Definition of Bis:

another time; repeated

Synonyms of Bis:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bis:


Sentence/Example of Bis:

I've been a-turnin' the bis'ness over in my mind, and he may make his-self easy, Sammy.

Hows'ever, none on 'em answered; so they gave out that he'd run away, and she kep' on the bis'ness.

Meusel: Lexicon der vom Jahr 1750 bis 1800 verstorbenen teutschen Schriftsteller.

Vun ihm hb' ich ds as viel Jessurim un' Schmerzen arbergetrgen, bis ich hb' ihm auf die Fss' gestellt!

De bac'n is ready ter burn up and I 'low that there pan er baby bis'it is done to a turn.

And what a situation,—a seasick bridegroom running off with bis bride!

Bis negavi, at tertio misi, non sine conscientia Probulatarum.

Pubis, pū′bis, n. a bone of the pelvis which in man forms the anterior portion of the os innominatum.

"We've got some new cheese-bis-cuits," said Miss Belchamber ruminatively.

Bis ab Hannibale captus, bis vinculorum eius profugus, viginti mensibus nullo non die in catenis aut compedibus custoditus.