Bisected [verb]

Definition of Bisected:

divide in two

Synonyms of Bisected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bisected:




Sentence/Example of Bisected:

This potatoe is small and round, with a thin white skin, and when bisected the color is a clear bright yellow.

The professors of this latter may be bisected into two sorts — hunters and exchangers.

The messenger honorably returned, the pennygrabs were bisected with the new knife, and all of them but Merle smoked enjoyably.

The screws are worked till the image has its smallest dimension and is bisected by the edge of the screen.

The muddy river that bisected the town wallowed through its estuary, a steaming tea-kettle.

He counted the roofs dividing the penthouse from where Morris Street bisected the block.

How she hated that dreary, cold, flat land the road bisected without end.

But the favourite type of Australian house is laid, out in an oblong block bisected by a three to eight foot passage.

Demon-eyed, unwinking, its thin lips bisected the thick-boned jaws in frightful, moist grimace.

A particularly large egg is a find; bisected, it furnishes two hats big enough for the human head.