Bisects [verb]

Definition of Bisects:

divide in two

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Sentence/Example of Bisects:

The next point is, to ascertain the precision with which the learner can bisect an object with the wires of the telescope.

I arranged my napkin upon my knee, seized my knife and fork, and proceeded with most critical acumen to bisect a beefsteak.

By the aid of this axiom it easily follows that the diagonals of a parallelogram bisect each other.

Draw the chord a d and bisect it at o. Through o draw e f perpendicular to a d.

South Creek did not bisect Superior, as Don thought it might, but flowed in an arc through a southern segment of it.

Two chords of a circle, of which neither passes through the centre, cannot bisect each other.

Having given two parallel lines, to bisect on either any given segment without using a pair of compasses.

Eight chief streets run from river to river, and twenty-four cross-streets bisect the eight at right angles.

We must bisect as far as may be, but the division is after all to be into limbs, not parts.

In addition they learned how to bisect and trisect the angle.