Bishopric [noun]

Definition of Bishopric:

jurisdiction of bishop

Synonyms of Bishopric:

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Sentence/Example of Bishopric:

The souls of the natives ministered to in the said bishopric of Cagayan amount to one hundred and twenty-eight thousand.

Benefices and missions of the bishopric of Camarines, and the number of souls instructed therein.

Hence the souls of the natives cared for in the said bishopric of Camarines amount to fifty-six thousand eight hundred.

In fact, it originally was a cathedral, but in an early day the bishopric was transferred to Wells.

They desired martyrdom more ardently than men afterward sought a bishopric.

In 655, this place was the seat of a bishopric, the largest in England, including the whole of Wessex and Mercia.

It was further proposed that the Isle of Man should be united with the bishopric of Carlisle.

This serf, who belonged to the abbey of St. Vincent, a fief of the bishopric, was named Thiegaud.

I read that Lady Yarmouth (my most religious and gracious King's favorite) sold a bishopric to a clergyman for 5000 pounds.

It is the principal city, the seat of government for the province of Biscay and of the bishopric of Durango.