Bison [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bison:

See if you can find out something about the great herds of bison that used to live in this country.

Ever since the reindeer went away the Cave-men had been looking for the return of the bison.

The edge of the lowland forest where the bison wintered could be seen far away.

Then everybody climbed up a hill or a high cliff and watched the coming of the bison.

Whenever a herd reached a branching valley, a big bison led off a small herd.

But when she started toward the bison, Antler sank down once more into the drifts.

One day the boys saw two wolves hunt a bison that had strayed from the herd.

The wolves walked boldly up toward the bison until they were only a few paces away.

The bison paid no attention at first; but when the wolves came closer, he stamped his foot and shook his horns.

Greybeard and Fleetfoot stayed in the trees until the bison started up the ravine.