Bisque [noun]

Definition of Bisque:

sunny color

Synonyms of Bisque:

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Sentence/Example of Bisque:

The bisque of almonds requires one pound blanched almonds, one heaping cup of sugar and two pints of cream.

Nancy praised the lobster bisque and Anthony asked for a second helping of roast duck.

And just to prove it I'll bet you a ball a hole from here in—no handicap—not even a bisque.

For a bisque, nothing is thrown away but the head, stomach, and black vein.

A bisque of craw-fish may also be served à la Colbert the same as a bisque of lobster.

It is made of craw-fish the same as with lobster, and is certainly more delicate than a bisque of lobster or of crabs.

Cristina has made a cream-of-lettuce bisque, and she will never forgive us if we do not eat every bit.

She was rather pretty and petite, and, in her tasteful garb of blue and white, looked like an animated bisque doll.

I regred fery moch to haf to dell you zat zere is only shust enough Bisque for von berson.

Earthenware, porcelain, &c., which has undergone its first baking and is ready to be glazed is also known as biscuit or bisque.