Bister [adjective]

Definition of Bister:

dark, burnished color

Synonyms of Bister:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bister:


Sentence/Example of Bister:

Occasionally there are a few spots or scrawls of "bister" or "clove brown" about the larger end.

The eggs themselves, protectively colored in bister and black, are mauled about and soiled in the mud; but the day is saved.

The markings are in dark shades of brown, "burnt umber," "bister," or "bone brown."

One egg of the set has the "bister" markings larger and thicker on the large end.

It was apparently Greek, yet it was not the language his lordship of Bister had learnt at school and college.

At that very moment the Bishop of Bister's crozier lay on the table of a London mansion.

The ears seem not to be connected across the forehead; the color is near (l) Bister above and slightly lighter on the underparts.

She looked white and spent; there were bister circles round her eyes.