Biters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Biters:

There's kickers and biters and shirks amongst them; but if they won't learn and can't learn, they get 'condemned.'

He said at the time that he wasnt afraid of them little fanciful biters, or something of the kind.

They range from one to five pounds, are good biters and make a noble resistance to avoid the landing net.

There a duck was sitting on her eggs between the jaws of an ox, which you call 'biters of straw.'

She gathered together her building timber: 'biters of straw' sheltered her, and 'drink's echoing cavern' was above her.

A cross breed between them and a good terrier is said to produce better fighters and harder biters than the pure bull-dog.

The biters were out, running hither and thither after their manner, and filling the air with hideous cries.

These trout are all small, averaging six to eight inches, but are quite gamy and very free biters.

I dare say they are 'Biters,' and maybe, sometime if I go near them, they'll pounce out and grab me!

He was very careless of scoffers, back-biters, and detractors.