Bittier [adjective]

Definition of Bittier:

tiny in size, quantity

Opposite/Antonyms of Bittier:

Sentence/Example of Bittier:

Hones folks wouldn give ole Black Strap dat amoun uv money fo dat lilly bitty ride less dey was suthin fishy.

Like I say, he was such a little bitty fellow, and after she moved away we lost track of them.

We lives in de back in a little bitty house like a chicken house.

I had a pretty wreath of little white flowers, little bitty, little dainty ones, the pretties' little things.

Let me see that picture of that little bitty guy, that weasel before.

I was a little bitty old fellow with a little sack hangin' at my side.

It's just a bitty little dot, but the map was made before the evacuation started.

Little bitty mules pulled 'em 'long and sometimes dey had a right hard time draggin' dem big old cars through mud and bad weather.

Grandma was a little, bitty woman; so little that she wore a number one shoe.

It tuk two or three days to set up de loom 'cause dere was so many little bitty threads to be threaded up.