Bitting [verb]

Definition of Bitting:

restrict, prevent

Synonyms of Bitting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bitting:

Sentence/Example of Bitting:

There should be one established law in bitting: never use any bridle that your horse after a trial will not face.

I cannot help believing that bitting is generally much too severely carried out.

Men do not mean to be cruel to horses when bitting them improperly, but they are so neverthelessto a terrible degree.

It often happens that from improper bitting horses acquire an ugly trick of working their tongues over the mouthpiece.

Correct bitting will ensure complete control, or ought to do so, without inflicting pain.

Correct Bitting gives control in harness without inflicting pain.

Horses that have their heads drawn up tightly should not have the bitting on more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a time.

Few owners are aware how much manners depend upon the bitting and handling of a horse.

So the Pyrenees, with her cargo of fire, was hove to, bitting the teeth of the gale and fighting and smashing the pounding seas.

Still no suspicion of the truth reached me that since I came to live with him my uncle had been bitting and breaking his tongue.