Bitumens [noun]

Definition of Bitumens:

bituminous substanced

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Sentence/Example of Bitumens:

Felt covered with bitumen is an excellent substitute for asphalt, and is not liable to crack or squeeze out.

He speaks of circular craft, covered with skins and caulked with bitumen, and made on wooden frames.

The tops of these arches were covered with stones, rushes and bitumen, and plates of lead, to prevent leakage.

They brought before me in a cloud of bitumen and sulphur Duke Rauking, who, the sacrilegious wretch!

Asphalt, or Asphaltum, the most common variety of bitumen; also called mineral pitch.

Dr. Daubeny found the mud-volcanoes of Macaluba giving out bitumen, and bubbles of carbonic acid and carburetted hydrogen.

Some common tar, bitumen, or pitch, appears to answer well under most circumstances.

Mixtures of mineral aggregates and bituminous materials for various purposes are proportioned with bitumen as a basis.

It is the bitumen that gives to the materials the cementing properties utilized in road construction.

The facts just pointed out are entirely contrary to the theory of the formation of coal by way of eruption of bitumen.