Bivouacked [verb]

Definition of Bivouacked:

stay, wait

Synonyms of Bivouacked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bivouacked:

Sentence/Example of Bivouacked:

The small force pressed forward as far as the Matlaurin River, about half way, where all bivouacked.

The division crossed, and bivouacked on the hills around Colonel Porter's house for the night.

Gregg sent out a regiment in pursuit, while the main body of his command bivouacked in the field west of the Court-House.

As soon as the General had occupied the square he turned his men out and bivouacked them on the plain round the village.

We bivouacked at Granaatz Plaatz farm that night, whence the heliograph winked the news of our engagement to our camp.

Lasalle, a brilliant light-horse general, was killed in the last charge, and both armies bivouacked for the night.

That night we bivouacked at Verdiersville, near where we fought the battle of Mine Run.

After two hours rapid marching we reached Petersburg, and bivouacked near the water-works.

We detrained by electric light, and bivouacked in an open place just outside the station.

Tuesday night, June 30, our division bivouacked near Cashtown, about eight miles northwest of Gettysburg.