Bivouacking [verb]

Definition of Bivouacking:

stay, wait

Synonyms of Bivouacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bivouacking:

Sentence/Example of Bivouacking:

If the military situation permits, all troops are put into quarters, only the outpost troops bivouacking.

By dusk we had got on to the open country near St Waast, and here we found that the Division was bivouacking.

The travellers, obliged to pass through the bivouacking parties, did not do so without some apprehension.

Moved forward again at daylight on the 14th, crossing the Tallahatchie at Rocky Ford, and bivouacking for the night.

Moved forward again early on the morning of the 9th, and marched thirty-five miles, bivouacking near Lawrenceburg.

The following night was chill and rainy; and the Union forces, bivouacking on shore, grumbled loudly over their discomforts.

Bivouacking in this manner was more or less of an ordinary circumstance in Ungava Bob's life.

The streets were empty, but for the bivouacking troops and the never-ending procession of wounded men.

The sepoys had succeeded in crossing the river and were bivouacking immediately in front of them.

Before night the regiment was relieved from duty and marched to the rear, bivouacking in a peach orchard.