Bizarre [adjective]

Definition of Bizarre:

strange, wild

Synonyms of Bizarre:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bizarre:

Sentence/Example of Bizarre:

He had a rare gift of inventing words and phrases, and all sorts of bizarre expressions, that linger in the mind.

Several small kiosks at the corners and sides of the terrace give to the whole a somewhat bizarre though tasty appearance.

The innocent creature was sound asleep at the foot of a stand loaded with vases of bizarre form.

Yet in the choice of words, one may search for the bizarre and unusual rather than for the truly picturesque.

Among these wretches, almost wholly in tatters, some were seen in bizarre accoutrement.

He thought suddenly of the bizarre performances of the thing men call Fate.

Bierce, paradoxically, combined the bizarre in substance, the severely restrained and compressed in form.

People, he meditated, find foolish and bizarre means of comforting themselves when overwhelmed by great tragedy.

Bizarre turned his head and saw a child that answered in every respect to the countess's description.

Rather than see his son weep, Bizarre would have given him his crown; his affection rendered him powerless.