Bizzes [noun]

Definition of Bizzes:

line of work requiring academic or practical preparation

Synonyms of Bizzes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bizzes:

Sentence/Example of Bizzes:

"Tige understands the 'biz' if any one ever did," said the bullet-headed attendant, laughing gayly.

Me mudder wasn't built to stand de wear and tear, an' about de time I was foist chased off to school, she went out o' biz.

The only weapons we had was a few ole razors 'n' our fists, but we was so bughouse we cal'lated they oughter do the biz.

But what I mean—if I'd had to stay in the house, where would we been about the most important thing in the whole biz'nuss?

“Yes; the little beast means cold-drawn biz,” returned my friend.

Clerks lives there mostly, an' the biz ain't so good as it was in my old plice.

The case is jes this, 'n' you know it: it's our biz to do anybody out o' our class.

What I want to know is, when are we goin' to start biz, the real biz?

Him an' me took to the book-agentin' biz the same day, we did.

Now, take a ton of email that's not spam -- in the biz, they call that "ham" -- and do the same.