Blab [verb]

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Then the banker he say, 'And you will go and blab, I suppose?'

If ye blab a word to anyone, ye'll git me in trouble, an' I'll crush ye as willin' as I'd swat a fly.

Between ourselves—mind, don't blab it out—young men are the greatest noodles that were ever put upon the face of the earth.

They don't know where I'm gone,—not one of them; and I've a great mind not to tell them, if you wouldn't blab.

Don't you say sich things against me, or I'll blab—sure as death!

"He won't blab on himself, that's dead sure," remarked the tall scout.

All of a sudden you blab out words that don't make the least sense.

I ain't goin' to let him go and blab, I say, and get both of us in a hole.

A broken complexion, a swinish look, ungenerous acts and the want of due knowledge,—all blab.

Blob (blab often in Ulster), a raised blister: a drop of honey, or of anything liquid.