Blabbed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blabbed:

So I told Kadrab to say nothing of this, but the idle-pated fellow blabbed it over the city, and it came to the ears of Goorelka.

Either the under-sheriff had blabbed, or George had been boasting of his diplomacy.

Reason they didnt do it, it was blabbed, and the excise pricked up its ears.

She'd have blabbed out everything if I hadn't warned her you wouldn't be pleased to hear that I'd been Jack's chosen messenger.

Oh, my dear Horsham, can't you see that if O'Connell had blabbed to-morrow it really would have been a blessing in disguise?

Hard-headed men blabbed secrets to the inquisitive, who were long past heeding them.

I am afraid Newcastle blabbed on what took place, and that his blabbing was much coloured with egotism.

And yet she did come back, and kept comin', even after Ase blabbed the whole thing.

Well, it's certain none of us blabbed; and I don't see as how he could have told anyone.

Oh, I guess how it is—somebody has got at your secret; you haven't blabbed it yourself, have you?