Blabbing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blabbing:

I have been obliged to stop her mouth with more than one coin to keep her from blabbing to the Grand Duchess.

Such blabbing is so negligent and dishonorable that we must consider it intrinsically impossible.

But these are the nettlers, these are the blabbing books that tell, though not half your fellows' feats.

It had such full possession of him that he was constantly betraying and blabbing it out.

Don't go blabbing it all over the place, mind, or we sha'n't get nobody to work us out.

I am afraid Newcastle blabbed on what took place, and that his blabbing was much coloured with egotism.

But usually, throughout Wales, it is simply a discontinuance of fairy favour which follows blabbing.

Ain't you got no sense at all—blabbing out your business in front of all them strangers?

I would not speak but that I know your eyes Can not keep curtain when the blabbing sun Makes it no secret.

Some one's been blabbing and making matters infinitely worse than they really were.