Blackballing [verb]

Definition of Blackballing:

expel from group

Synonyms of Blackballing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blackballing:

Sentence/Example of Blackballing:

How had he, a useless old fogy, dared to blackball a man like Iver?

Do not they abuse you behind your back, and blackball you at societies where they have had the honour to propose you?

You may be sure some of the proud people and most of the parvenus of the Club were ready to blackball him.

They let a victim go there until they get all and then they blackball him.

If a ballot should be demanded the members will all vote, and one blackball will exclude.

She sees herself on the eve of becoming the acquaintance of Captain Blackball.

Perhaps he tried to capture the Eclectic Club—I certainly remember being asked to blackball three of his candidates.

No one had dared to blackball him when he had recently put up his name at a club which was supposed to be composed of gentlemen.

This good Monsieur de Blackball is not very well bred; but, for an Englishman, he is not too bad.

Blackball and Loder, Cruchecassee and Schlangenbad, assumed sympathetic countenances.