Blackboard [noun]

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Men of good taste, as well as those having tact and ingenuity, can and do use the blackboard with power in various ways.

When indisposed to lecture, they simply posted upon the blackboard: "Hodie non legitur," and this was the end of the matter.

The blackboard should be wiped with a damp cloth, in order to prevent the chalk from vitiating the air.

He drew five lines on the blackboard, and made eight dots that looked as 57though they were going upstairs on the lines.

When we came in from afternoon recess, there was the Sign, as big as life, drawn with chalk on the blackboard.

We can write the expression on the blackboard and have the child look at it and say “nine times nine equals eighty-one.”

The first ten ideas coming to each student might be written on the blackboard for study and comparison.

Before beginning the test the teacher should explain on the blackboard the exact nature of the test.

These rubiace had no calyx; therefore the principle laid down on the blackboard was false.

When they gathered in the back room of the Blue Moon, the players found a blackboard hung upon the wall.