Blacked [verb]

Definition of Blacked:

break blood vessel; discolor

Synonyms of Blacked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blacked:

Sentence/Example of Blacked:

We was all in our poachin' clothes, faces blacked, women's nightcaps on, and shirts on over our coats.

At any rate he tripped on the edge of a rug, almost turned a somersault, blacked his eye and cried for half an hour.

At the close of one convivial session Artemus went to a concert-hall, the "Melodeon," blacked his face, and delivered a speech.

Completely blacked out, the Idaho moved very slowly through the darkness.

Generally three of the village boys dressed up to represent kings, one having his face blacked, go from house to house singing.

My lords, have you blacked your eyelashes yet, touched up your eyebrows, scented and waxed those beautiful moustaches?

They rolled in pain, blacked out and unable to think or fight the underground beasts that poured over them in renewed attack.

Just before he blacked out, he hurled one last accusing thought at Reinhardt.

Of the mighty conflagration nothing remained but the blacked, smoking dirt of the prairie.

After four minutes, the return vehicle was activated and as it broke away from the capsule, Lynds blacked out for twenty seconds.