Blackens [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blackens:

Because of a quibble on his part this loathsome thing would ruin his future, dash his hopes to the ground, blacken his life.

The river pool commenced to blacken, while flowering rushes tossed their shivering heads and murmured.

"Too bad of you to blacken me to her like that," remarked the judge.

They have done what they could to blacken his name; and to this day the shadow they have cast upon it in part remains.

These lawyers who are coming will blacken lots of paper, and talk a great deal of useless stuff.

Several of my toes commenced to blacken and fester near the tips and the nails worked loose.

Much the greater part of the topics which have been used to blacken this nobleman are either unjust or frivolous.

The desire to blacken his own character was reserved for those occasions when, as he well knew, there would be most publicity.

Mr. Goodsport tries to blacken Mr. Goodman's character, while the Rector tries to whiten Mr. Goodsport's character.

Mosquito warriors blacken the face, and place themselves under the temporary command of the bravest and most experienced.