Blackguarded [verb]

Definition of Blackguarded:

tarnish a reputation

Synonyms of Blackguarded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blackguarded:

Sentence/Example of Blackguarded:

He was used to being blackguarded by the enemies of his country, but now he was hounded in the house of his friends.

Haven't I always stood by you and Pepper, and defended you when you were both blackguarded and abused?

The pater blackguarded me for six weeks, and said I was bringing his grey hairs with sorrow to the grave.

One young fellow about twenty years of age climbed on to the stone post of the gate, and blackguarded us for the longest time.

Maurice said nothing, but he shared the opinion of Chouteau and Loubet, who chaffed and blackguarded everyone without mercy.

The devil got awful savage, and blackguarded Billy Duffy terribly; but it was useless.

They blackguarded us so that I was anxious to square matters with them.

You've got an idea he's going to be arrested and jailed and blackguarded by an alcalde.

I was sensibly indignant whilst ye blackguarded me a while ago—but now I kin look over hit.

Well, say, that was the only time I ever talked ten minutes with Dennis Whaley without bein' blackguarded.