Blackguardly [adjective]

Definition of Blackguardly:

shameful, corrupt

Synonyms of Blackguardly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blackguardly:

Sentence/Example of Blackguardly:

I have never got quite as far as rattlesnakes, because rattlesnakes have a blackguardly, welshing look that I don't approve.

And I suppose we should not have met now, except for the blackguardly action of this man who posed as your friend.

"I think it confounded blackguardly, and you ought to be kicked out," ruffling like a cock-turkey with trailed wings.

Tim is a blackguardly kind of politician, but he is mighty cute, and shirks Irish securities.

The Board meetings are usually blackguardly beyond description.

"That article blackguardly called pluck" (Scott) is now much respected.

It seems, therefore, that it is indifferent to the spirit of truth whether that which it affirms be honourable or blackguardly.

It was a blackguardly thing to do, but I thought of nothing except myself, my wrong, and how I was to wipe it out.

The talk of nearly the whole school is getting most blackguardly; shamelessly so.

No sooner had the blackguardly epithet left his lips, than I was on my feet.