Blackguards [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blackguards:

Not exactly, except that I heard my stepfather denounce the doctor as an infernal cur and blackguard.

Diard was, therefore, not a mere commonplace gambler who is seen to be a blackguard, and ends by begging.

“You blackguard,” said Eric, standing irresolutely for a few minutes; and then with tears in his eyes began to climb the wall.

If you had not prevented him, that blackguard would have used abusive language to me and ranged himself on your side.

There was a drunken-looking blackguard opposite us in church,” he said to his son as they drove home; “do you know who he was?

He couldn't say he was a blackguard who'd taken advantage of a poor unprotected girl because she loved him.

I love low company, and am a bit of a ready-made blackguard.'

You low blackguard, what do you mean by stealing your aunt's silver?

I don't like to name names, but as we're all friends here, I don't mind saying he were a downright blackguard.

There were those who asserted that he added: "At least, would that some man, and not this blackguard, put me to death."