Blackheads [noun]

Definition of Blackheads:

small swelling on the skin

Synonyms of Blackheads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blackheads:


Sentence/Example of Blackheads:

It is curious to note that the German variety is called the Schwartzkopf, the meaning of which is "blackhead."

The presence of a disease called blackhead has done vast injury to the turkey industry in the northeastern section of the country.

I certainly would advise any farm wife, in sections where blackhead does not prevail, to try her hand at turkey raising.

The summons was promptly obeyed, and the accused prelate was brought face to face with Blackhead before the Council.

He selected a wretch named Blackhead, who had formerly been convicted of perjury and sentenced to have his ears clipped.

There really was a plot; and this would have been proved if Blackhead had not been bought off.

I remember one time they had just a little patch of blackhead sugar cane.