Blacking [verb]

Definition of Blacking:

break blood vessel; discolor

Synonyms of Blacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blacking:

Sentence/Example of Blacking:

Unless I do better I'll have to try selling papers or blacking boots.

Very likely you laugh at the fancy of shoe-blacking having anything to do with the farm labourer and agriculture.

The Bishop learned to glory in his blacking far more than he had ever done in the original mahogany.

Then Judy dotted the cotton with shoe blacking and it became a realistic imitation of royal ermine.

A tap at his door a little later, and young Ried appeared, shoe-brush and blacking-box in hand.

When he took his face up from his warm, dead mother he went straight downstairs and began blacking his boots.

I explained to him that what he took for a gun-carriage was a fat patriot blacking his boots; and he said that he be dam.

Are "iron-handled bristle shoe-blacking daubers" machinery or toilet appliances?

They proved, in their own way, that Lynds had suffered continual delirium after blacking out.

A good blacking for boilers and smokestacks is asphaltum dissolved in turpentine.