Blackish [adjective]

Definition of Blackish:

of darkest color

Synonyms of Blackish:





Opposite/Antonyms of Blackish:


Sentence/Example of Blackish:

The content of the email, which was reviewed by The Post, was blacked out from the public records request.

“I just had to rewatch it, actually, because I think I blacked out on what actually happened,” she admitted.

The upper ones have their costa blackish, and a triangular border at their extremity rather dentated on the inside.

He had fallen back into the chair, a blackish gout of blood running from the hole in his temple.

His skin is blackish, of the same colour, but thicker and harder than that of the elephant; nor does he feel the sting of flies.

They are transparent to translucent, with a vitreous lustre, and are of an emerald-green to blackish-green colour.

The head is of a blackish colour, and the back and belly of a reddish grey.

They are of a reddish-white color; but in many places the inclemency of the weather has overspread them with a blackish crust.

This proceeds from two small glandular openings that lie at the angles of the jaws, and appear spots of a blackish-brown colour.

The “sooty-fox” is a variety of the “Arctic,” distinguished from it only by its colour, which is of a uniform blackish brown.