Blackjacks [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blackjacks:

"Blackjack" Donnely had made that clear in his trial in Texas.

The next evening, "Blackjack" Donnely was shot down at the front door of his own home.

If that were so, he—or they—could make the late "Blackjack" Donnely look like a meek, harmless, little mouse.

The case, even at that point, might have ended with an acquittal or a hung jury, but Donnely wasn't through using his blackjack.

He bit off a chew from his plug of "blackjack," and with calm eyes surveyed the doom toward which he was rushing.

The woodsman saw clearly that there was nothing to be done but chew his "blackjack," and wait on fate.

As it was, however, he took another bite from his plug of "blackjack," and set himself to whittling a stick.

I dropped out of the blackjack game after dropping another five munits, and headed slowly towards the dice table.

Temporarily blinded, he dropped his blackjack, and stumbled back, cursing.

Halfway up the hill I stopped under a blackjack oak where, in the thin snow, there were signs of something like a Christmas revel.