Blackmailed [noun]

Definition of Blackmailed:

intimidation for money; money to quiet informer

Synonyms of Blackmailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blackmailed:


Sentence/Example of Blackmailed:

Police are said to have contacted the hackers, who left behind a blackmail note, and persuaded them to supply a digital key that would decrypt the hospital’s 30 infected computer servers.

If this stinking quartet takes it into its head to levy annual blackmail, where is the money coming from?

Bois l'Hery's horses were unsound, Schwalbach's gallery was a swindle, Moessard's articles a recognised blackmail.

The only possible scandal lies in the fact that Mrs. Withers paid blackmail for years.

He attempted to blackmail my father, as he had already done so many times, but his scheme was frustrated.

All the American press is not founded upon this system of virtual blackmail.

I can't afford to advertise in his vile sheet; it's blackmail; money wasted—thrown away.

What this particular "lady" is to the "gentleman" we don't know, but it sounds very much like blackmail.

It seemed puzzling, because you wouldn't think of him as a likely subject for blackmail.

Every now and then you would read in the paper how some woman had been arrested for attempting to blackmail him in his office.