Blacknesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blacknesses:

"We are going into the sunlight, out of the shadow;" and she glanced back at the west, which was of a slaty blackness.

The gas-lamps, too, seemed in a fog and struggled feebly against the blackness of the evening.

As he fell a great blackness rose around him, and with it the bewildered clamour of awakened dogs.

My head sank to the table and my hands clasped my eyes to shut out the blackness.

The mountain's shadow was over it and deepening fast, warning us to hurry before the road was lost in blackness.

Blazing blobs of light exploded within his brain, and then the total blackness of unconsciousness funneled down upon his brain.

Sure enough, it has five strings; the middle one stands higher than the rest and is of glossy blackness.

A vast blackness had been spread over the stars and moon, and throughout the gloom beyond there was a singing and an eagerness.

I went back into blackness remembering that the flap to his belt gun was still fastened.

In the light of the flames dark trunks of oaks and fir trees stood out of the blackness.