Blacksmiths [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blacksmiths:

I shall make it my business to accomplish that fact even though, at present, he thinks a country blacksmith beneath his notice.

A giant of a fellow with an eye like a hawk and a big black beard that seems, somehow, to suggest a blacksmith.

Fetching pen and paper, the blacksmith made a rapid computation of what would be due Oliver at any time within the next month.

My father wus a blacksmith an he moved from place to place where dey hired his time.

A few minutes after the blacksmith left me, I heard the hammer sounding upon the anvil in one of the caverns below.

The blacksmith took them off under the condition that wherever the devil saw a horse shoe over a door he would not enter.

Is he like Duclosse the mealman, or Lajeunesse the blacksmith, or Garotte the lime-burner-and the rest?

Instantly the three humorists became silent and listened, the blacksmith pumping his bellows mechanically the while.

The mealman wiped his eyes in sympathy; the charcoalman shook his head at the blacksmith, as though to say, "Poor devil!"

The blacksmith kissed his daughter, and his hand rested on her head as he lifted the cup, but he said never a word.