Blacktop [noun]

Definition of Blacktop:

bituminous substanced

Synonyms of Blacktop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blacktop:


Sentence/Example of Blacktop:

Then the blacktop road curved out into the desert to the great radio telescope.

I had a parcel from Bob with a shirt and some eatables; also one from Jean at Blacktop and one from home.

Zircon took a blacktop road to the west, close to the base of the mountain.

At the end of the blacktop, he and Scotty got out and examined the road surface.

On the Golp Terrace, as the blacktop island was called, everyone and everything conformed—or else.

Rounding a curve in a narrow, blacktop road, he saw the home behind a grove of trees.

He turned off the blacktop and started down the rutted path.