Blamable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blamable:

If God put a beggar on horseback, would the horse be blamable for galloping to Monte Carlo?

Violence and excitement, perhaps, differing altogether from what I felt, are no less blamable.

I choose to know the whole truth; I am a man who can hear it and keep silence about your enterprise, however blamable it maybe.

It being impossible not to condemn evil, all the commentators discussed the question, What is blamable and what is not blamable?

But though we think the conduct of the Regicides blamable, that of Milton appears to us in a very different light.

It was a woman's story,—a disappointed woman,—and so, not so very blamable as she might be; not but that it was true in fact.

They were not blamable for their father's crime, nor could they enjoy the advantages of his exalted station.

Fact much blamable before the loose public of mankind; upon which I leave men to their verdict.

I will prove to you it was not Countess Fanny's naughtiness, though she was indeed very blamable.

He had ceased to feel blamable for the shortcomings of Napoleon I, but it was just as well not to have the name used too freely.