Blamed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Blamed:

"It is ill-fated;" and Alessandro blamed himself for having forgotten her only association with the name.

Blamed ef I'd lived in a country all my life, ef I wouldn't know better'n to git caught out in such weather's this!

"Blamed if they ain't got company, from the look uh things," he grunted, squinting down.

"We'll be blamed lucky if we don't run into a prairie-fire before mornin'," Piegan grumbled.

She ain't comin' t' no harm just now, or it wouldn't be so blamed peaceful around there.

Then, as Man did not make nor select his power of choice, Man cannot be blamed if that power chooses evil.

And if God knew they must fall, how could Adam help falling, and how could he justly be blamed for doing what he must do?

That screech was so blamed genuwine I almost fergot to stick out my laig and trip Boston as he come by me.

We tried a belt first, said Lance; but the blamed thing slipped so that old Chet evolved the chain-gear idea.

Blamed if Matt didn't ketch the leader o' the gang without never knowin' it.