Blameless [adjective]

Definition of Blameless:

not responsible

Opposite/Antonyms of Blameless:

Sentence/Example of Blameless:

Children, and the building of a city shall establish a name, but a blameless wife shall be counted above them both.

Elizabeth left the blameless victim of all this wrath, standing in the middle of the floor.

They will try to compel you to confession; and, though you are blameless, you will suffer the cruelest ordeal of transgression.

The men said unto her, we will be blameless of this thine oath which thou hast made us swear.

Circumstances were discovered which seemed to indicate that Duncombe himself was not blameless.

The example of the people of God, while they walk in all his ordinances and commandments blameless, is a warranted motive to duty.

Daphne's jealousy made him ridiculous; he resented it hotly; yet he knew he was not altogether blameless.

It would bring thee the greatest ill-chance shouldst thou slay thy kinsman, for in such case all men would deem him blameless.

I saw also eyes, happy but determined, and thick waves of hair enclosing a blameless face.

O happy and blameless boy, no fairer soul has ever stood in the light of the rainbow-circled throne.