Blamelessnesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blamelessnesses:

The Physician-in-Ordinary raised his hand a little—a feeble gesture of impotence and blamelessness.

Yet no one has ever impeached the sincerity of Fuller's convictions, and the blamelessness of his life.

I ought to add that the previous life and blamelessness of this person have nothing to do with the efficacy of the sacrifice.

And he called me to testify to her goodness and charity, and the blamelessness of her life.

To behave in strict accordance with the Law earns the merited praise of civic blamelessness.

But to act morally is a virtue which is of incomparably higher quality than that of mere blamelessness.

Even the blamelessness of the latter yielded no comfort; it savoured of a lack of spirit.

The blamelessness of their lives confirmed their declarations of innocence.

In proof of his own blamelessness Percy appealed to the testimony of others.

Does nothing, then—no amount of character, no blamelessness of record, avail?