Blames [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Blames:

It turns out there are a number of ways of divvying up the blame.

It’s easy to throw blame at university leaders and students for the chaos that schools have already experienced this year.

A law firm preparing the city’s defense has put the blame on environmental contractors.

The Kenyan government also shared blame for being in breach of both environmental and human rights laws within the Kenyan constitution.

This suggests that at least some voters are open to an argument that gives China a significant share of the blame for the pandemic.

A newly released audit casts wide blame on the top managers of Sweetwater Union High School District and says they may have committed criminal fraud by lying about their finances to the district’s board of trustees and a credit rating agency.

That’s where the blame for infection lies, Li’s team argues.

Tell Lady Maude the candid truth, and take shame and blame to yourself, as you deserve.

And he was inclined to believe that it was Grandfather Mole that was to blame for the scarcity of worms in the neighborhood.

If the journey is now distasteful to her, she has but her own rashness to blame in having sought it herself.