Blameworthiness [noun]

Definition of Blameworthiness:


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Sentence/Example of Blameworthiness:

So timid was Charlotte in Somerset's presence, that her timidity at this juncture amounted to blameworthiness.

The blameworthiness may differ in different cases, but there is always blameworthiness.

When he met Zada he kept trying to be patient and forgiving with her, in spite of her blameworthiness.

If he has them, he will not, as a general rule, incur liability without blameworthiness.

It is not intended to deny that criminal liability, as well as civil, is founded on blameworthiness.

Ignorance of a fact and inability to foresee a consequence have the same effect on blameworthiness.

There are many who never attained their true stature here, yet without blameworthiness of theirs; men cheated of their growth.

"We've got to do something for Tom, I suppose," said Mrs. Grayson, after the question of his blameworthiness was exhausted.