Blanch [verb]

Definition of Blanch:

become afraid

Synonyms of Blanch:

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Sentence/Example of Blanch:

Once my grain of choice is turned to a low simmer, I’ll salt another pot of boiling water, and blanch broccoli, a spiraling head of romanesco, some turnips or little fingerling potatoes.

It can start with making meatballs or by blanching greens, by roasting a whole pig or simmering sausages or boiling a chicken until the meat falls off the bone.

A cry, which heard, even at noon day, seldom fails to blanch the manliest cheek.

Strong in lowliness, they neither blanch in heat nor pine in frost.

"Yep, he air dead," fell from Tessibel; for she had seen the large, glazed eyes draw in at the corners and the little face blanch.

And then his steady successes were offset by a disaster that caused even his face to blanch.

Pare fruit if desired or blanch or scald in boiling water a small quantity of fruit at a time.

Blanch half a pound of shelled sweet almonds and three ounces of shelled bitter almonds.

Blanch the chestnuts in boiling water to remove the dark skin that covers them.

Blanch 1½ minutes, cold-dip, pack into jar and cover with water or thin syrup.