Blanched [adjective]

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If you’re buying them from the grocery store, or you know they’re more than a few days old, cooking — blanching, steaming, roasting, grilling or sauteing — will help temper some of their strong flavors.

In Geneva, Switzerland, in the University mathematics library, his wiry beard now blanched with time, Besso sat hunched over his own pile of books, and worked—quietly, mysteriously—alone.

A comforting grain bowl relies on a surprising technique for the fluffiest kashaThe main sticking point has been the step of blanching the head of cabbage to make the leaves pliable enough to use as wrappers.

The Seneschal stood with blanched face and gaping mouth, his fire all turned to ashes before the passion of this gaunt man.

He stepped hastily back, his cheeks, before so fresh and ruddy, were now blanched with a deadly pallor.

Sickness had never blanched the warm glow on her cheeks, or dimmed the brightness of her large, lustrous eyes.

In silence my uncle took one and came towards me, the servants with scared, blanched countenances following.

Then Georgie took the blanched hand of the motherless girl, and entreated her.

Her tone was despondent, her face was drawn and blanched, and her eyes gave evidence of weeping.

His hair was blanched as white as snow although it still retained the curls of youth.