Blandest [adjective]

Definition of Blandest:

tasteless; undistinctive

Synonyms of Blandest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Blandest:

Sentence/Example of Blandest:

Therefore, Bland concluded that Parliament technically had no jurisdiction over the American colonies.

"Perhaps your ladyship can persuade Lady Hartledon to exert herself," suggested the bland doctor.

The King, on his return from the Continent, found his subjects in no bland humour.

Ovid looked a bit doubtful, but Scattergood's voice was so interested, so bland, that any suspicion of irony was allayed.

As soon as they are whipped they make off to wives and home, and meet the scouts with a bland smile and outstretched hand.

This covers up also a good deal of business acumen, shrewdness, and secretiveness which is not so childlike and bland.

I could not look on him—his face was altered, and his usual bland expression had been usurped by that I have described.

Even the silent, bland-faced Martians stopped sipping their wine-syrup and nodded their dark heads in time with the rhythm.

Lay very long in bed, till with shame forced to rise, being called up by Mr. Bland about business.

At night Mr. Bland came and sat with me at my office till late, and so I home and to bed.