Blandishes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Blandishes:

Poor Blandish was so irritated, that he fell really ill himself, and took his own mixtures for three weeks.

Dr. Blandish danced for joy, and I really thought he never would stand still again.

Miss Letitia Blandish, sister of the above, a fawning timeserver, who sponges on the wealthy.

Samphire House, instead of being the fine claret of a refuge Mr. Blandish supposed, is a loaded port.

And still clearer is it that the amiable Deshman wants to get at it without the participation of Mr. Blandish.

The gist is that Mr. Blandish wants a house to live in and that he has an idea of the kind of house he wants.

Book two opens with Mr. Blandish practically in possession of the facts.

The gesture, the half turn, the momentary halt in the paces of Mr. Blandish, plied her further.

All this you must understand is told retrospectively as Blandish installs himself in Samphire House.

He had hoped to be a little sentimental with Lady Blandish, knowing her romantic.